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Fencing: Protect Your Home and Garden

Hello, my name is Graham. This is my blog which contains information about the benefits of installing fencing on your property. For many years, my family and I lived in a property which was open to the rest of the neighbourhood. My wife always said that she didn't like the feeling of walling herself in when she was at home. However, over the past few months, there has been a big increased in the amount of crime in our district. A couple of our neighbours had their homes broken into. It was then I decided to install a large metal fence to protect my family and my home.


The Top Advantages of Aluminium Slat Fence Gates

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones from criminal activity, you can't afford to take any chances. All potential entry points into your home must be adequately secured and monitored to deter intruders from gaining easy access to the property.

While the correct choice of a fence gate can't guarantee your home won't be burglarised, it can help reduce the chances of a successful break-in at the home. However, choosing the right gate for your residential fencing can be a confusing task since there are many different types of gates sold in the marketplace.

An aluminium slat gate can make for a great choice of residential fence gate. Read on to discover the amazing advantages it offers. 

Aluminium slat gates can offer the strength of steel but with less weight.

Aluminium has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel, meaning that although it isn't as strong as steel, it can deliver steel's strength at a reduced weight when used correctly. The lightweight construction of aluminium slat gates makes them easier and cheaper to transport and install compared to steel alternatives.

Aluminium slat gates provide corrosion resistance.

While steel gates offer the greatest strength, they're susceptible to the damaging effects of corrosive environments. As a result, they're not a suitable choice for people living in coastal areas where there is salt in the air.

Aluminium slat gates are impervious to corrosion damage. When aluminium comes into contact with the air, it readily reacts with oxygen to form a thin oxide coating that protects the substrate metal from corrosion. 

Aluminium slat gates are easy to maintain.

Regardless of what material they're made of, all types of gates require some sort of maintenance to remain structurally sound and keep looking nice. Because aluminium material doesn't corrode when exposed to the air, it doesn't require a protective coating to provide corrosion resistance. There are no paint chips to fix and no rust to worry about.

Equipped with a mild cleaning detergent, a rag, and a garden hose, you can clean your aluminium fence gate. All you have to do is apply the cleaner to any dirty areas, use a rag to wipe up the dirt, and then hose it down with your garden hose.

Aluminium slat gates look stylish.

If you're a fan of traditional wood slat fencing, you're definitely going to love the look of an aluminium slatted gate. The slatted design gives a look that blends well with any home's architectural style, be it traditional, modern, or contemporary.

Plus, aluminium slat gates come in a wide selection of standard and custom powder-coated colours to suit your home.

Whether your primary focus is strength, aesthetics, or both, an aluminium slat gate can meet all your requirements. Contact an aluminium slat fencing and gate service near you today to discuss your project.