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Fencing: Protect Your Home and Garden

Hello, my name is Graham. This is my blog which contains information about the benefits of installing fencing on your property. For many years, my family and I lived in a property which was open to the rest of the neighbourhood. My wife always said that she didn't like the feeling of walling herself in when she was at home. However, over the past few months, there has been a big increased in the amount of crime in our district. A couple of our neighbours had their homes broken into. It was then I decided to install a large metal fence to protect my family and my home.


Why Tubular Fencing Is Better Than Traditional Panelled Fences

One of the most iconic sights in Australian design is the panelled metal fences that used to cover virtually all of the suburban landscapes. It was cheap, withstood the harsh environment reasonably well and could be painted easily. However, now, a new design is looking to take this crown of Australia's most beloved fencing, and it has the credentials to back it up. Tubular fencing is growing in popularity across Australia, and it is not very hard to see why. Here are a few key points that illustrate why tubular fencing is so sought-after.

More Resistant To Turbulent Weather Events

Tubular fencing has a design that lends itself better to surviving more extreme thunderstorms and even hurricanes than traditional panel fences. This all comes down to the more spaced-out pattern of the individual poles in tubular fencing, which allow wind and rain to blow through the gaps without building up pressure. Panel fencing, on the other hand, can easily be whipped out of the ground if the winds and rain reach a certain velocity. The last thing you want is for pieces of your fencing to turn into dangerous projectiles during an already precarious situation. 

Less Overall Surface Area Means Less Maintenance

Rust and corrosion are the primary enemies of all types of metal fencing, including both panel and tubular varieties. However, with tubular fencing, there is less of an ability for rust to spread quickly because of the separation of the posts. It is also easy to apply cleaning chemicals and detergent to tubular fencing because your hand can fully wrap around it, leading to an even clean every time. Panel fencing can be ravaged by rust in just a few weeks if you are not careful, and trying to uniformly distribute the proper cleaning agents can be very annoying to do on a flat surface. 

More Flourishes

Aesthetic appeal should not be underrated when choosing a design for your fencing; after all, you will be looking at it for decades to come if all goes well. With that in mind, there is no doubt that there are far more options for minor flourishes and unique artistic features when it comes to tubular fencing. Spearheads (the cap put on top of the poles) can come in all shapes and sizes, from an extravagant fleur-de-lis to a simple sharp spear tip. These additions provide a much more refined look than painting your panelled fencing or some other, more obvious display. If you want a look that will last decades with minimal effort, you cannot go past tubular fencing. 

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