Fencing: Protect Your Home and GardenFencing: Protect Your Home and Garden

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Fencing: Protect Your Home and Garden

Hello, my name is Graham. This is my blog which contains information about the benefits of installing fencing on your property. For many years, my family and I lived in a property which was open to the rest of the neighbourhood. My wife always said that she didn't like the feeling of walling herself in when she was at home. However, over the past few months, there has been a big increased in the amount of crime in our district. A couple of our neighbours had their homes broken into. It was then I decided to install a large metal fence to protect my family and my home.


Noting Some Important Differences Between Residential and Industrial Fencing

When you own any type of industrial facility, you will need a good fence around the property, as a fence can work as a deterrent to any potential thieves or intruders and ensure your property boundaries are clearly marked. An industrial fence can also give you a place to hang business signage or directional signs, and a secure gate attached to the fence can control the flow of traffic in and out of the property. However, there are some important differences between residential fences and those installed around an industrial area; note a few of those differences here so you know you'll get the right fence for your facility.


For a residential backyard, you may want a privacy fence, as it's difficult to enjoy your pool or patio when you're under the watchful eyes of your neighbours. However, don't assume that it's good to have the same type of privacy for your industrial complex, as police patrols in the area may need to see your property clearly to note if there are any suspicious persons on the grounds, and a solid fence can then block their view. It's typically recommended that an industrial facility have a fence with an open mesh, or a fence with iron bars you can see through, and then use blinds inside the building to block the view through the windows as needed.

Protection from traffic

On a residential road, you may never think about the risk of an errant driver running into your fence. However, if your industrial complex is located on a busy highway, there may be a risk that a collision or drunk driver can result in cars jumping the curb onto your property, and even ploughing into your building. The busier the roadway, the greater the risk of this happening, so consider a strong and sturdy fence that could actually stop a car, such as one made with wrought iron bars.


You may not be worried about someone actually climbing a residential fence, but to offer the best security for your industrial complex, consider a fence that is difficult to climb. A taller fence can be more difficult to scale, and consider the top of the fence as well; a hurricane fence with twisted ends is very dangerous for the hands, as are pointed finials at the tops of wrought iron bars. Choose these types of designs for your industrial fence to discourage anyone from trying to climb it and to keep your property secure.