Fencing: Protect Your Home and GardenFencing: Protect Your Home and Garden

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Fencing: Protect Your Home and Garden

Hello, my name is Graham. This is my blog which contains information about the benefits of installing fencing on your property. For many years, my family and I lived in a property which was open to the rest of the neighbourhood. My wife always said that she didn't like the feeling of walling herself in when she was at home. However, over the past few months, there has been a big increased in the amount of crime in our district. A couple of our neighbours had their homes broken into. It was then I decided to install a large metal fence to protect my family and my home.


Main Advantages of Glass Fencing for Your Pool Area

If you are looking for an unobtrusive enclosure for your pool area, you should consider glass pool fencing. In recent years, this material has steadily grown in popularity with homeowners due to the broad range of advantages that they provide when compared to traditional fencing materials such as timber.

Before you purchase your glass pool fencing, you need to determine whether you would like it framed or not. Framed glass pool fencing is economical, but it could pose the risk of corrosion since the framing is made from metal. Frameless pool fencing, on the other hand, may be a tad more expensive, but it ensures clear sight lines on your property. Here are some of the main advantages of glass fencing for your pool area.

Glass fencing will make your yard look large

One of the reasons contractors and landscapers prefer glass pool fencing is it tends to enlarge your property. When you erect opaque fencing, it closes off your pool area. These boundary lines can detract from the appearance of your property by making it seem smaller than it is. With a glass pool fence, you retain unobstructed views of your landscape, which can make your yard look large. By creating the illusion of additional space, you boost the property value of your home, too!

Glass fencing allows for surveillance

If you have a family, you need to ensure that your kids and pets are safe whenever they are near the pool area. However, you are not able to be at two places at a time. If you need to dash into the house for something, a glass pool fence allows you to monitor the goings-on at the pool area. This surveillance makes it easier for you to know if something is wrong than if the pool area was closed off completely by a solid fence. An added advantage of the glass fencing is that it affords you scenic views of your property. You can spend time at the pool area and take in your surroundings as you relax with friends and family.

Glass fencing suits any landscape

When in search of fencing materials, you will find that the design of your landscape will dictate what type of fencing you should install. For instance, if you have a rock garden and a contemporary-designed landscape, a rustic palisade fence may not be the right fit. On the other hand, wrought iron fencing may not be a good option if you have a country style themed property. Since glass fencing is transparent, it ideal for any design you have chosen for your landscape.